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The Best Office Tech For Your Workflow Goals


Even when duplicated in another media, the beautiful, hearty magnolia has earned its designation as the official state flower of Mississippi. We are proud to have made it part of our identity for the past 20 years.


About the Company

Magnolia Business Systems, MBS we now say, produces wonderful solutions in office technology. In 2000 when we started we did this with a 250-square-foot service office. Today, we do this with a much larger 8,000-square-foot facility that satisfies customers throughout northern Mississippi and northwestern Alabama.

With technology producers such as Konica Minolta, Brother (Workhorse Printers), Canon (Wide Format), HP, Lexmark and Square 9 (software) in our lineup, we are well-suited to help you cross any bridge between you and your productivity targets and goals.

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A Good Place to Start

MBS can make your business communications efficient and productive no matter where you are at on the technology curve. A free workflow analysis may be the best place to start.

Office/Multi-Functional Printers

Speed up your output, improve your image quality and stay ahead of rising workloads throughout your office network. That's what you get when you put the power of Konica Minolta into your workflow.

Wide Format Printers

If your business calls for large-format printing, you should definitely call US  hook you up with Canon Wide Format Printers. Why rely on a copy shop when you can generate your own high-quality material on demand and in house when and where you need it.

Workhorse Printers

The Brother Workhorse Series will fit many of your small office needs. Featuring robust monochrome and color laser MFPs, printers and scanners, these products are designed to handle high print and scan volumes.

Software Solutions

Everyone has changed the way business is done in recent years, and with that comes a change in the way everyone interacts with their business content. We can help you adapt to the digital transformation very easily and with outstanding results you will easily see.



“Magnolia has been incredible with their customer service response every time we have had an issue. I would highly recommend them and they have been a joy to have as neighbors to brighten up our side of town.”

Sign Company

“Magnolia is our local go to for all things technology. I have known Ron for over 20 years and know him to be of the highest integrity. We recently had Magnolia come to our aid during a cyber attack and they gave us peace of mind.”

Insurance Broker

"Our copier and network system are a good fit for our office. Magnolia exhibits real team effort in making sure the transition is as seamless as possible. We trust Ron and Magnolia Business Systems to take care of all our technical needs!”

Consulting Company

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